Situation Monitor OCHA Colombia

This situation monitor is a tool from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which sets out information regarding occurrences of armed violence and natural disasters which have arisen in the country since 2008.

Evaluaciones rápidas iniciales multicluster - (MIRA)​

Infografía Desplazamiento Forzado

MIRA Assessments (Multi-cluster/Sector Initial and Rapid Assessment) - 2021. Within the framework of the Humanitarian Country Team regarding communities affected by armed conflict, natural disasters and COVID-19 which includes information on refugees and migrants affected by these emergencies. (Ongoing updates)

Durante 2021, cerca de 253K tuvieron que desplazarse dentro del territorio colombiano como consecuencia de combates entre grupos armados y violencia directa por parte de grupos armados y bandas criminales.